Built 4 Comfort is a cover band that plays a bit of everything and anything that will make you move.  With its soulful vocals, tasty guitar licks and a deep foundation in the blues, Built 4 Comfort is also known to add their own flavor to R&B and Classic Rock favorites.  This all shakes up to be just the right mix for a well-rounded good groove and good time.  With grooves laid down by Jay Feldman on Bass and Raice McLeod on Drums, you will want to get up and dance. That's why our tag line is "Built 4 Comfort - music that MOVES you!"  Built 4 Comfort has become one of the hardest working bands in the Washington, D.C. area - book Built 4 Comfort for your event today!
Band Members

Liz Springer - Vocals & Management
Tom Oelschlaeger - Guitar & Vocals
Jay Feldman - Bass
Raice McLeod - Drums & Vocals
Keith Grimes - Guitar & Vocals

For Venue Owners

Built 4 Comfort considers each gig a privilege and will be professional – show up on time, be respectful, get the job done and give you your money’s worth – all while having fun.  You will want us back.


Visit our video page to see & hear Built 4 Comfort in action.


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